04 | Bleaching was successful

Not 2M1 anymore, the tooth shade was changed to 1M1.  The old metal-ceramic crowns were removed in the dental practice. The two central incisors were provided with a splinted temporary solution which will be removed several times today to examine the intermediate stages of the layering. 


03 | The challenging patient case

At the age of twelve, the patient had an accident which resulted in the fracture of the anterior teeth 11 and 21 in the crown area. The teeth were still vital after the trauma. They were gently prepared for a long-term temporary and stabilized with composite crowns until the patient was full-grown. The teeth were finally treated with metal-ceramic crowns which are now, after seventeen years, to be replaced for esthetic reasons. The patient was generally wishing for brighter teeth and all-ceramic, high-esthetic crowns that fit their adjacent teeth. She had her teeth bleached beforehand in order to allow for brighter restorations.


02 | In it to win it!

Everything is ready for the live course with a patient. On his desk, Belgian Master Dental Technician Patrick Rutten from Tessenderlo has a master model ready with two copings made of zirconia on teeth 11 and 21. A prepared model with a wax-up serves as a morphological guide. The control model is extended with a scalpel in the sulcular area until the copings fit perfectly.

The patient has arrived…


SCAD CDT Competition

The winner of the SCAD CDT Competition 2017 is invited to an exclusive live workshop with a patient and renowned top speakers

VITA is part of the inaugural meeting and premium sponsor of the Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry (SCAD).

The Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry was founded in 2008 as an association of international dentists, dental technicians, representatives of science and research as well as further experts in the fields of tooth shade research, esthetics of dental materials and the development of new approaches in dental technology.

VITA invites the winners of the CDT competitions awarded annually by SCAD, namely the “Larsen-Chu Award” and “Virtuoso Award”, to their headquarters in Bad Säckingen, Germany, for a special three-day event. These contests reward and encourage the outstanding work of dental technicians.

VITA awards the SCAD VITA Award for excellent research on an annual basis.