20 The Grand Final in the Dental Practice

One after the other, each crown pair is finished. Everyone compares their crowns with the patient’s oral situation. The moment of truth has come: Time is over! The final try-in will take place in the dental office with Dr. Jens Gebrande. Everyone is boxing their crowns. Crackling tension lies in the air while Renato Carretti and the participants leave the VITA lab to head to the dental practice.



This is the dental high noon, the dental showdown. Will the passion and the energy of the last two days be enough for a definitive cementation? The group enters the dental practice, heading straight for the treatment room. Dr. Gebrande takes off the provisional crowns carefully and cleans the tooth stumps.



One crown pair after another is slowly sliding over the stumps to find its predetermined place. The patient keeps looking into the mirror to check the shape and shade.



You can hear the people in the room whispering and discussing. It’s all or nothing! After the first round of try-ins, two pairs of crowns are on the short-list. Then there’s a determined look of the patient; she nods. She’s found the perfect match for the definitive cementation.