19 Finishing of the Surface

The shades of the restorations appear so natural, even after direct comparison with the patient, that no staining is required. The layering appears three-dimensionally from inside out.



Renato ads ceramic correction material in the proximal areas to extend the contact surfaces. He also doesn’t need to apply glaze material. For the last time, the restorations are put into the furnace for the glaze firing. The participants are highly motivated and only one step behind. They’d better be, because the appointment in the dental practice is drawing closer and everybody wants to be ready for the great final.



The patient will be spoilt for choice there. Which pair of crowns will she choose? The final glaze firing is finished. The restorations are coming down promisingly. After they have cooled down, only a gentle polishing with pumice is sufficient to reach the right brilliance level of the patient.