17 The Road to Perfection



Now it’s all about nuances. Tiny portions of a balanced mixture of BASE DENTINE A3 and light orange EFFECT CHROMA 5 are added in the neck area. This is how Renato Carretti reduces the translucency precisely and implements a warm appearance. He uses the same mixture to extend the contact surface towards the gingival area. Renato concentrates and dabs ceramic onto the surface again and again, spreading it evenly, at times stopping to think about the next step. It’s only about small details now.
He reduces the translucency of the rest of the crown with a very fine layer of milky NEUTRAL. Here we go: The restorations are put into the furnace.



During the correction firing, the participants are absolutely concentrated implementing changes. Renato keeps walking from one desk to another to take a look at the restorations and provide tips and advice.