13 Everything Prepared for the First Dentine Firing

Having controlled the occlusion, layering can now be finalized. The crowns are carefully taken from the model and fixed with a pair of tweezers from the lumen side. Here we go!
Just as in the preceding ceramic layering steps, he carefully fills and smoothens the approximal areas one after the other.
Renato has a final tip for Youngbae Kim and Ryo Funaki from the US and Bashar Omar and Vanessa Bauer from Germany: “I haven’t applied too much. Make sure you leave enough space for the second dentine firing! This way you will be free to decide later if you need more chroma or translucency.
He positions the two crowns on the firing pin and puts everything into the furnace.



He chooses a firing program and the furnace drives the restorations up into the firing chamber, step for step.

Youngbae Kim



Ryo Funaki