15 | Final match in the dental pitch

The eight finalized artworks are wrapped full of expectation. Crackling tension can be felt as the course instructor, the participants and the patient get on their way to the dental office. Soon the patient will make her choice and select one pair of crowns.



The temporary restoration will be removed for the last time and the prepared teeth will be cleaned. The crowns are now tried in one after the other. Everybody is watching, waiting for the patient’s decisive reaction. Sometimes it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop.



She finally takes her choice, calmly but firmly. The winner clenches his fist enthusiastically and enjoys the moment. Turkey, the USA, Poland or Belgium? This will remain the four competitors’ secret. Dental technicians are gentlemen, you know.


14 | The morphological final touch

While Patrick’s crowns have been completed, the participants are preparing to finish. The approximal contact surfaces are examined and optimized with occlusion paper. The crowns get their morphological final touch with small stones and fine diamonds. They are tried in in the patient’s mouth to be examined, taken pictures of and be discussed in order to achieve the best outcome. Finally, the crowns are ready for the final stage, the glaze firing.



Just the right amount of diamond-coated polishing paste is used. One pair of crowns after the other is placed on the prepared tooth to check the glaze firing.

10 | Competition is in full swing!

Even though this is not the Football World Cup, it couldn’t be more exciting. Patrick has set the bar high on the first day of the course. He is in a good starting position and is dealing with the final touch. Right now, he is modifying the left side before he’s done. Still, the participants from the USA, Poland and Turkey are close behind the Belgian. After the first dentin firing there’s a tie and everyone’s in a very good position. Only small nuances will make all the difference in the end: The winner’s result will be permanently cemented later on in the dental office.