10 | Competition is in full swing!

Even though this is not the Football World Cup, it couldn’t be more exciting. Patrick has set the bar high on the first day of the course. He is in a good starting position and is dealing with the final touch. Right now, he is modifying the left side before he’s done. Still, the participants from the USA, Poland and Turkey are close behind the Belgian. After the first dentin firing there’s a tie and everyone’s in a very good position. Only small nuances will make all the difference in the end: The winner’s result will be permanently cemented later on in the dental office.


09 | Fine adjustment with the second dentin firing

In order to increase the chromaticity in the cervical area and to support the gingiva ideally, Patrick layers BASE DENTINE 2L2,5 all around the margin. In addition, he shapes the approximal and cervical area with a more chromatic one-to-one mixture of orange EFFECT CHROMA 5 and 6. The brightness is completely reduced with EFFECT OPAL 5 (dark violet) in the remaining vestibular area. Patrick increases the halo effect with BASE DENTINE 1M1 at the palatal, incisal edge.



He uses ENAMEL for the rest of the palatal morphology. The expert is pleased with the result after smoothing the artwork meticulously. The crowns can be put in the oven again!